When thinking about decorating events, the first thing that comes to mind is probably decorating weddings, etc. But decorating corporate events or festivals is an even bigger challenge. Whether you are organizing an important show for potential customers, an awards ceremony for employees or a festival – first impressions matter a lot.

What your potential customer, employee or guest experiences when they first enter the event you are organizing, whether it is flowers, lights or certain decorations – is very important because they will all make a big impression on them and they will give them directions on what’s next.

Decorations for events

The expenses with the decorations for events can represent a very high percentage of the total, as well as the time allocated to the searches, therefore the fastest and cheapest for you is to turn to a specialized company that can help you with the purchase of decorations on much cheaper markets. , such as China.

In this sense, Smart Products I&D SRL is a company with vast experience in this field. Besides the numerous collaborations with big companies from Romania and abroad on this side of personalized products and decorations, we are proud of the fact that we are the ones who make the sets and the whole merchandising part for the biggest festivals in South-Eastern Europe, UNTOLD and NEVERSEA .

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