Smart Products is a Romanian company that is also present on the Chinese market. Over the years we have gained experience in the field of imports of products from China, so now we have employees in China who help us find the best sources of products and who deal with the goods you need to leave in the most good conditions there.

The services we offer you do not only mean that we help you find a supplier of products or that we help you negotiate, we take care of everything for you, which means the logistical operations of an import from China.

We offer all our clients complete services for products imported directly from China, so that you can finally receive the goods at your headquarters, in a timely manner and according to the desired specifications.

Complete import and logistics services from China

With the import and logistics services from China, all you have to do is provide us with the factory from which you want the products, and we take care of everything – transport and papers part – so that you don’t have to waste time and money with big consuming aspects. while they are necessary for a fair and legal import.

At Smart Products, we don’t like the “one-size-fits-all” approach. We believe that by staying close to your business as it grows and evolves, we will be able to develop our own services to suit your changing needs. So we will try to continue to offer you a range of personalized services and any products you would like to deliver. We will work hard to understand your needs and develop a productive, long-term partnership.

import produse china logisticaExperience in import and logistics services from China

It has been more than six years since we made the first imports from China, both for us and for our partners. During all this time we had collaborators and partners from all fields, we mention here: Kaufland, UNTOLD, Ubisoft and many others.

Our goal has always been to provide quality services and products to partners, and to do this we decided to hire a team of professionals directly in China. Because we are aware that sometimes the products coming from there may not have the best quality, we considered that it is mandatory to have a person, directly in China, who can check the ordered products before leaving to Romania. Also, our team from China makes sure that all the documents are in order, and that your goods are transported in the best conditions.

If you do not have the time to look for the best products you would like to import, we can help you with the whole process. Thus, it is enough to tell us what type of products you want, we will look for them and we will try to get the best prices. Then, our team will take care of transportation, quality control and all the necessary steps for import until the products reach your location.

If you want an offer for logistics and import services from China, please contact us to discuss all the details. We will do our best to understand the needs of your business, so that we can always offer you the best transportation options in China and reduce as much as possible the delays and unforeseen situations that may occur.

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