What is brand activation?

Have you ever thought when you went shopping and chose a popular brand, how did this brand become so admired and trustworthy? When a product or service is in its infancy it is virtually unknown to the general public.

Brand activation is the art of leading consumers’ actions through interaction and experiences with the brand. The main purpose of these campaigns is to get consumers to take action. It is about bringing brands to life through promotional products or other personalized promotional materials, to form long-term emotional connections.

Activating the brand for consumers is a very important part of building a positive perception of a brand. This can be done primarily through personalized items and promotional materials, sponsorships and events.

Those who want to activate a brand must find a way to reach potential customers who can change perceptions and create a real emotional commitment. These promotional marketing materials and personalized articles must bring a positive feeling to their minds, so that they become loyal customers and buy your products.

In order to inspire the demand for a certain brand, those who want to activate a brand must take advantage of the passions of the targeted consumers using creative strategies and ideas. Timing also plays an important role in connecting consumers at the right time and in the right place, so that they become motivated users and fans of the brand.

Marketing events and personalized items are used by brands around the world to help position their brand in the minds of consumers. These events and promotional materials give people a chance to try a product, ask questions about it, and participate in a way that makes them feel part of that brand.

Portfolio of brand activation campaigns

During the two festivals UNTOLD and Neversea 2017, our company made promotional materials for the following brands:

  • Foam sticks – for Absolut Vodka
  • LED lightning rods – for Kaufland
  • Giant EVA foam gloves – for VISA
  • LED bracelets with motion sensor – for UNTOLD
  • LED bracelets with audio sensor – for Raiffeisen Bank

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