Searching for the best product sources
We offer samples and help you with the purchase of products for any industry you need
Import and logistics services from China
Just tell us what products you want and we will take care of the whole process
Brand design, graphics, production
Direct supply of B2B products


Product Sourcing – Find the best sources for you

We help you source the right supplier for you products and negotiate prices.

Product design and OEM for your Brand

Help you design the right product to fit your branding needs.

Import and Logistic services from China

Logistic service from the factory to your warehouse.

Personalized business gifts

From the brief to the final product, find the gifts for your employees or partners.

Promotional items / gifts for events

Get brand exposure with customized promotional items and giveaways.

Events decoration

Make your event stand out with customized decorations tailored for your theme.







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The objectives of Smart Products I&D SRL are in accordance with the elements that guide us in the activity we have: responsibility, professionalism, promptness and efficiency. Thus, we want to bring optimal, customized solutions, folded exactly to your needs. Also, our company will always be one step ahead and will provide you with the latest existing technological solutions.

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